INQUEST: Short Listed for 2013 Ireland AM Crime Fiction Book of the Year

International Bestselling Author

  • Inquest


    I own the dead of dublin, i am their final voice

    Dr Mike Wilson is Dublin City Coroner, investigating violent, unusual, unexplained or unnatural deaths. One case worries Wilson a lot. Back in 2009, Patrick Dowling was found hanging in woodland. There was an initial flurry of police activity that ended with the autopsy result: suicide.

  • Betrayal


    Dr Frank Ryan is CMO to Harmon Penitentiary, Europe’s most dangerous jail. Holding terrorists, serial killers, gang leaders, drug barons, arsonists and sex felons the Dublin institution is a seething, violent and drug-ridden hell with high rates of HIV and Hepatitis.

  • Ambush


    Scott Nolan enjoys a flourishing career as a doctor, a rising media profile as a persuasive campaigner against drug abuse, and a beautiful new wife.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    cold Steel

    When the body of a teenage girl is found in a Dublin park it is every parent’s nightmare. She has been brutally stabbed to death. For Dublin’s police and politicians the nightmare is just beginning.

  • Final Duty
    Final Duty

    Final Duty

    They murdered his boss, stalked his family and invaded his home. Now they want his life… When Jack Hunt is lured from his native Dublin to Chicago’s top hospital the brilliant young heart specialist sees a new life ahead for his family.

  • Scalpel


    A killer is stalking the corridors of Dublin’s Central Maternity Hospital. A young laboratory assistant is found brutally murdered at her bench and the only clue is a blood stained scalpel.

"The John Grisham of medical fiction." Sunday Independent

"Paul Carson is the master of the medical thriller." Irish Times

"A terrific read." Irish Times